We are delivering Cross Cultural Training (CCT) programmes and workshops for gearing individuals in the fields of cultural awareness, cultural competency, communication skills and interaction between customers & colleagues. Our programmes and workshops aim to satisfy the individuals’ needs and wants during his/her stay in a foreign country for business, education and any other purposes. By attending to our programmes and workshops, individuals get the chance to cope with others that have different cultural backgrounds.

Training and coaching is combined during our programmes and workshops, which enable the participants to create their own profiles that they may compare with other cultural profiles. To attain this goal, our programmes and workshops include specific activities (i.e. role-playing, simulations) that reveal individuals’ self and his/her prospective needs & wants. Our programmes and workshops are shaped specifically for the participants to have a wider point of view about their new homes and their own  cultures to live in and work more comfortably & efficiently.

Our CCT programmes and workshops are focused on three main and different target groups:

  • CCT for adults.
  • CCT for youth.
  • Repatriation Training and Coaching.

The duration of our programmes and workshops may be tailored (i.e one-day, two-day or more) according to participants’ needs and wants.

The adults attending to our CCT for adults program will be able to discover and understand the host culture’s traditions, customs, beliefs and values; the roots of behaviors that exist in the host culture; locating himself/herself in a new environment and coping with daily problems about education, health, services, etc.; the “red lines” of the host culture and society; coping with the new culture; creating effective communication with others; business codes of the new country; crisis management and handling “shocks” in a new country.

The CCT for youth program is also aimed to train the children between 5-18 ages for overcoming from the problems of relocation; coping with a new country, society and culture. This program can be individually shaped for the particular needs of the child participants.

The repatriation training and coaching is aimed to provide smooth transition from the participants existing living environment to a new one. This program specifically focuses on everyone (regardless of their professions, marital status, socioeconomical status, etc.) that aim to relocate from his/her native environment to a new one. The content of the repatriation training and coaching is (more or less) similar to CCT for adults.